Adjustable Calf Feeding Barrier

Calf Feeding
This adjustable horizontal Calf Feeding Barrier is part of our Calf range  It designed to accommodate calves up to 5 months and is adjustable between 3.8-5M...

Calf Creep Gate

5 Bar Calf Passage Calf Home
The 5 Bar Calf Creep Gate is part of our Calf range, and provides a passage to an area for youngstock to rest and feed...

52" Calf Cubicles

Calf Cow Cubicles
52" Calf Cubicles are available for single or double rows.

Calf Diagonal Feeding Barrier

Calf Calf Diagonal Feeding Barriers Feeding
Our calf diagonal feeding fence is a traditional solution for the feed interface, reducing the occurrence of bullying by ensuring all animals have an...

Build your own Calf Self Lock Pen

Calf Feeding Self Lock Gates
Calf Self Lock Pen Components sold separately The calf self lock pen is ideal for group rearing calves, during the weaning transition period. The...

Calf Feeder

Calf Feeding
The calf feeder is part of our calf range, and features a strong structure, with a front lifting lid for refilling the hopper.  Features:...

De Horning Crate

The De-Horning Crate is a heavy duty unit, carefully designed for maintaining optimum animal welfare during animal husbandry procedures, and features heavy duty wheels...

Calf Rearing Pens

Measures: 1265mm (H) X 1026mm (W) X 1610mm (D) Components sold separately enabling the producer to set up their facilities as required. 1 standard...
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Calving Gate Deluxe

Calving Gate Deluxe

Calf Calving Gates Calving Gates
The deluxe calving gate is a product unique to Agri-Kit and suitable for both beef and dairy cows. This high spec gate features a...

Calving Gate Headlock

Calf Calving Gates Calving Gates
The calving gate headlock is part of our calving gate range.  -Adjustable headspace -Easy release  -Simple use -Ideal for animal treatment and calving -Mounting...
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Calf Self Lock Panel (No Timber)

Calf Self Lock Panel (No Timber)

Calf Feeding Self Lock Gates
Galvanised steel Simple install Reduces bullying amongst animals Supplied with operating handle
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Calf Self Lock Gate (With Timber)

Calf Self Lock Gate (With Timber)

Calf Feeding Self Lock Gates
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