Sleigh Style Sheep Hurdle

Approximately 1000mm high

Sheep Hurdles

Home Sheep Sheep Hurdles
Agri-Kit sheep hurdles are available in a range of lengths and are inspired by the best and most functional hurdles available on the market....

Aluminium Sheep Hurdle

Our aluminium sheep hurdles are extremely lightweight for manoeuvring, yet extremely durable for livestock use. Agri-Kit's aluminium hurdles unique bar design and long life span make...

Premium Sheep Hurdle: POA

Measures 10ft (3048mm) Fully galvanised steel  Extremely strong, 8 bars Offset tabs for connecting to other hurdles   Supplied with one galvanised joining pin Compatible with Agri-Kit...

Sheep Hurdle Combo

Sheep Sheep Hurdles
The Sheep Hurdle Combo is available in 6.6ft and 10ft. This sheep gate and hurdle unit guarantees a well structured handling pen design with access...

Sheep Swinging Gates

The Sheep Swinging Gate is part of our Field Gate range, available in 2ft, 3.3ft and 6.6ft. The Agri-kit range of galvanised sheep handling equipment...

Adjustable Sheep Feed Barrier with Swinging Gate

Feeding Sheep
Sheep adjustable feeding barrier  Built in swing gate Telescopic length Rubber coated handle for comfortable use in cold weather Efficient, feeding through the gate...

Adjustable Sheep Barrier

Measures 4580mm Max Adjustable Rail Height Hop dip Galvanised Timber is not included shown for reference only Model show currently available, Telescopic model available February...

Lamb Creep Feeder

Featured Product Feeding Sheep
Our double sided lamb creep feeder is a valuable asset for feeding ad-lib concentrate outdoors featuring a large hopper. A handle provides ease when...
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Portable Hanging Feeding Trough

Portable Hanging Feeding Trough

Calf Feeding Sheep
The Agri-Kit Sheep Trough is designed for simplifying the feeding process indoors and outdoors, it is lightweight for quick and simple movement yet extremely durable. ...

Sheep Handling Facility (Yard Race)

Sheep Handling Facility: Mini Race Components: Guillotine gate 2 way drafting gate 4x 8ft sheeted hurdles with handles for easy movement U Frame for...
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