Calf Feed Barrier

Calf Feeding
This adjustable horizontal Calf Feeding Barrier is part of our Calf range  It designed to accommodate calves up to 5 months and is adjustable between 3.8-5M...

Diagonal Feeding Gate With Timber

Feeding Home page
The Diagonal Feeding Gate With Timber is part of our Feeding range, it comes in multiple different sizes to suit your needs and requirements....

Calf Diagonal Feeding Barrier

Calf Calf Diagonal Feeding Barriers Feeding
Our calf diagonal feeding fence is a traditional solution for the feed interface, reducing the occurrence of bullying by ensuring all animals have an...

Comfort Self-Lock Feeding Barrier

Feeding Self Lock Gates
The Agri-Kit Comfort Self-Lock is a feeding barrier and head yoke in one. This cattle headlock is ideal for any animal cattle treatment including...

Dual Rail Feed Rail

The Dual Rail is part of our Feeding range, measuring 6M long and offering telescopic length and adjustable height. This 2 bar rail is...

Diagonal Feed Barrier

The Diagonal Feed Barrier is part of our Feeding range, it is available in different sizes. In the Diagonal Feed Barrier there is a...

Lamb Creep Feeder

Feeding Sheep
Our double sided lamb creep feeder is a valuable asset for feeding ad-lib concentrate outdoors featuring a large hopper. A handle provides ease when...
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Beef Feed Trough Beef Feed Trough

Beef Feed Trough

Beef Feeding Trough Feeding
The Agri-Kit cattle feeding trough is a galvanised feed trough available in lengths of 2.5 and 3m And depths of 0.23m and 0.4m. This...

Portable Hanging Feeding Trough

Calf Feeding
The Agri-Kit Sheep Trough is designed for simplifying the feeding process indoors and outdoors, it is lightweight for quick and simple movement yet extremely durable. ...
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Calf Feeder Calf Feeder

Calf Feeder

Calf Feeding
The calf feeder is part of our calf range, and features a strong structure, with a front lifting lid for refilling the hopper.  Features:...

2 Bar Rail Feed Gate Brace


2 Bar Feed Gate End

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